LGBT Equality in North East Lincolnshire

Completed Research

A £35k grant from The Equalities & Human Rights Commission in 2008/9 allowed for three research projects to be carried out. The resulting reports can be downloaded below. This work has resulted in more targeted research that can be viewed from other areas of this website.

Project 1

Identifying key issues and barriers for the LGBT communities living and working in North East Lincolnshire. This involved a range of people being interviewed and completing questionnaires in order to identify issues that may shape future priorities and activity of the forum.

Download the full report here.

Project 2

Identifying and researching LGBT forums & networks in other locations. This will help the development of our forum and the findings have been distributed widely to help other networks.

Download the full report here.

Project 3

Gathers and disseminates general information and examples of best practice (in reference to working and living with LGBT communities). Note that some aspects of the legal information may need updating to reflect The Equality Act.

Download the full report here.